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It is with pride and empathy that coaches trained at MOBIUS COACHING AND MANAGEMENT are personally committed to supporting the Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association.


This idea is the initiative of Dr. Elie Karam, orthopedic surgery resident, spondylitis fighter, and coach trained at Mobius.



In exchange for a donation ranging from $150 to $250,paid to the Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association,participating coaches offer 2 coaching sessions of 60 to 90 minutes for applicants.

Hurry up as each of the participating coaches has limited availability. Take advantage of this opportunity while it is still available!


collègues de travail



Step 1 : Contact a participating coach by email to make an agreement with them to agree directly on terms of reference and operating details.

To help you choose your coach, the descriptions

of the participating coaches are given below.

(standard agreement)

Step 2 : Make your donation on the 

Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association website. 

(see this link)

Step 3 : Confirm your donation to your coach and start your coaching!

Considering Covid-19, coaching is generally done remotely.

Take the opportunity to benefit from the impacts of coaching while giving!


The reflective and creative space offered by a coach promotes the emergence of realistic and innovative solutions, facilitating at the same time personal and professional development.

To do this, coaching is based on meeting the needs expressed by the coachee in regards to learning and discovering skills toward sustainable performance and well-being in the working world. Coaching thus aims to help people who are facing challenges in a professional or more personal situation.


However, the coaching offered here is not therapy.


The availability of coaches is updated periodically,

so please contact the coach to check availability.

See also our french speaking coaches by clicking here.

English and french

Elie Karam

MD, orthopedic surgery resident

Eli is a husband, a father, an orthopedic surgery resident, and an AS warrior. He is driven and innovative by nature. Misdiagnosed for many years, he is currently grateful for the treatments that have changed his life. His greatest challenge has now become his greatest passion.

As a firm believer in the integrative approach, Eli wants to put his coaching, leadership, medical, and research skills at the service of patients living with spondyloarthropathies. His aim is to develop an interactive partnership that will assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals.

Freedom comes from unwrapping the gift hidden behind every challenge life throws at us. Let’s make this discovery together!

English and french

Aurélie Gassaud

My greatest pleasure? See my colleagues, learn, discover and surpass themselves. Every day as a scrum master and coach, I interact with people who are motivated to progress to help them overcome an obstacle, become aware of their strengths, act in solution mode. I am a fan of intra-preneurship, an entrepreneur at heart and passionate about sharing and collaborating and the miracles that result from that. My university background is varied, graduating in finance, law, economics, computer science, psychology and human resources. My professional background is ... varied, IT, HR, management, entrepreneur and now coach, for you.

English and french

Sylvia Pehlivanian


With a background of knowledge in organizational development, change management and strategic consulting, Sylvia brings the perspective and support necessary to generate personal reflection and facilitate an approach that will bring clarity, direction and consistency to your professional development. She works in close collaboration with each individual in order to construct a roadmap that will allow exploring new avenues of solution with confidence and conviction. While forging trusting relationships, Sylvia aims to deepen self-awareness and empower individuals to tap into their own resources in order to unfold their full potential.

English and french

Isabelle Bougie


Over 28 years of experience in managing multidisciplinary teams, including management in matrix structures, as well as remote management. Recognized for her skills in people management, leadership, talent development, coaching to excel as well as for her ability to influence. Authentic, transparent, empathetic and attentive leader, her goal is to put you in motion in your professional development. Isabelle supports managers in the integration towards new challenges. Your success is her priority and her reason for being a consultant and coach.

English and french

Yanouk Poirier

MBA exécutif UDS

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of the global Penrhyn international network and partner of the executive recruiting firm Leaders International, Mr. Poirier puts his entrepreneurial experience, his multidisciplinary profile and his talents as a communicator and executive coach at the service of business leaders whom he supports in the realization of their business strategies. Mr. Poirier is also actively involved with various organizations: he sits on the boards of directors of the Club St-James de Montréal and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, and he acts as a mentor to Enablis, which helps entrepreneurs in developing countries.

English and french

Roxanne Gagné

With more than 25 years of experience in the provincial and federal public service, moving from the management of national programs to the management of support teams in political and executive offices, Roxanne has a wealth of experience in management and leadership. She approaches each situation with authenticity, discretion and humility. Roxanne helps individuals and groups at all levels to be more aware of the scope and impact of their contributions in their workplace. Her work is meant to be meaningful and lasting. It lights up what you want to see shine in order to see yourself flourish and be successful.

English and french

Ron Cherilus

President and founder of CENTRE I AM in Montreal, certified NLP coach and speaker, Ron Cherilus is a catalyst for positive, deep and lasting transformation. Creator of the IAM approach, Ron has developed a unique coaching method that propels you and helps you achieve your personal and professional goals. You can count on a structured approach, the design of which is designed according to your specific needs. In each encounter, you will live a powerful experience that directly activates the sensory and cognitive levers of profound change.

English and french

Noëmie Le Roux

Noëmie is passionate about the human being, the complexity he represents led her to become a coach. A strong supporter of lifelong learning and the importance of continuous improvement, growth and excellence - anything that deserves to be done is worth doing well. Noëmie is committed to cultivating strong relationships and being a true partner in change. Inclusion and diversity are core values, a proud ally of the LGBTQ + community and the fight to end the stigma associated with mental illness.

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